Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Cone 10 Soda Fired Work

I have been busy in the studio - making mugs, bowls, jewelry, and a few sculptures.  

A friend snapped this picture of my while she was explaining how to use her camera.  She was kind enough to let me borrow her camera so that I could document my most recent pieces.  Here are a few of the many new finished mugs and bowls that now sit boxed up on my self at The Clay Studio of Missoula.   These pieces are all soda fired to cone 10 and the exterior surfaces are primarily left unglazed. The surfaces are decorated with layered flashing slips and carved designs.  The mugs hold approximately 12 ounces of liquid.  

Dandilion Mugs 

Germinating Bean Seed Handle-less Mug

Maple Leaves and Samaras Handle-less Mug

Mushroom Handle-less Mugs 

Roots Handle-less Mug

Small Stacking Bowls 

There are many more exciting images and event details to come!  Stay tuned with the happenings at Sticks and Stones Workshop!

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