Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Images of Pottery

While the pop of our little mom-n-pop workshop operation has been busy in the wood shop, I have busy sorting, labeling, wrapping and carefully boxing up all of the bowl, cups, mugs and plates for the upcoming Holiday Made Fair.  

Here are a few pictures of the goodies that we will be selling this upcoming weekend:  

Tall Mugs
Soup mugs available with saucers or plates. 
Handle-less mugs (aka: a little more kid proof) and cups 
Red bowls, Black and Green bowls and white on white bowls in an array of sizes. 

And remember, if you come early on Sunday, there are Early Bird Specials to be had (complete list here)!  Ours is a free Tiny bowl with a minimum purchase of $25 for our first 10 customers.

Early Bird Special:  A free tiny bowl!  
Come find us:  We are located in the Chestnut room, see map here.

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